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Central CMS: ccentralized management software system for use with a single site or a multi-site enterprise that delivers a central integration point for critical security subsystems and building automation systems.

Access Control: Use proximity cards to provide access to secured areas or use biometrics for maximum tenant convenience. Scalable solutions include a wide-range of card readers and technologies, including fingerprint access and facial recognition.

Facial Recognition: Effectively leverage biometric technology (fingerprint, facial recognition) to regulate any controlled access point, authorized tenant and visitor access, allow for seamless entry, and integrate with employee management and time-and-attendance systems.

Thermal Cameras: Monitor your energy efficiency, track HVAC mechanical equipment performance by detecting heat before an issue arises, and maintain proper temperature for electrical equipment.

License Plate Recognition: Eliminate traffic backups during peak hours by allowing tenants to use their license plate instead of an access card to gain entry to parking areas. • Video Intercoms: Enables visual confirmation of identity before granting entrance and building access.

ColorVu: Outdoor Color Night Vision Turret Network Camera features an ƒ/1.0 lens aperture for maximum light gathering capability to provide full color imaging in extremely dark settings.


AI and Cloud driven CCTV solutons help you to

keep an eye on what matters!

Our team of certified integrators can design an effective security solution for your organization to meet the needs of any installtion requirement. We comprehend the unique challenges with physical security, enabling us to provide a service tailored to your needs.

Whether we embrace it or not, security cameras have become ubiquitous, adorning public streets, parking lots, business perimeters, and increasingly, interior spaces within office buildings. This growing prevalence is driven by the mounting imperative felt by business proprietors to maintain an accurate and indisputable chronicle of events transpiring on their premises. Such documentation serves a dual purpose, addressing both safety concerns and legal safeguards. So, what are the compelling reasons to incorporate security cameras into your business infrastructure? Among the most prevalent motivations is the deterrence of criminal activities and vandalism. It is an established fact that burglars and vandals gravitate toward targets that exhibit vulnerabilities. The awareness of being surveilled and the prospect of their actions being meticulously recorded often prompt potential perpetrators to seek less-guarded opportunities. Moreover, in the unfortunate event of a crime or act of vandalism, the existence of recorded evidence, which can be shared with law enforcement, substantially enhances the likelihood of identifying and apprehending the culprits. Furthermore, modern surveillance systems empower business owners to maintain vigilance over their establishments remotely. These cameras not only document incidents occurring externally but also provide an incontrovertible account of activities within the premises. For business proprietors who opt not to employ security personnel for nocturnal surveillance, the ability to monitor suspicious activities via computer interfaces remains a valuable asset.

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As integrators and security minded professionals, we able to design, install, and operate comprehensive IP CCTV camera solutions providing piece of mind an enhanced security.


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